Rezaw-Plast 1-Year Limited Warranty for Peace of Mind

Duration and Eligibility: Rezaw-Plast stands behind its products with a comprehensive 1-year limited warranty, exclusively available to the original buyer. This warranty is a testament to our confidence in the quality and durability of our products. Please note, the warranty benefits are non-transferable.

Robust Protection Under Regular Use: We guarantee that your Rezaw-Plast floor and cargo liners will maintain their integrity and not succumb to breaking, tearing, or warping under normal usage conditions. This assurance is valid as long as the product remains installed in the vehicle for which it was originally purchased.

Coverage Specifics: Our warranty extends to all Rezaw-Plast floor and cargo liner products. In the rare event of a product failure due to manufacturing defects, such as tearing or breaking, Rezaw-Plast commits to providing prompt and effective warranty service.

Exclusions to Keep in Mind:

- Intentional Damage: The warranty does not cover damages that are a result of intentional misuse or alterations.

-  Mold from Wet Carpets: Issues such as mold development resulting from wet carpeting are not covered.

-  External Damage: Damages inflicted by external forces, such as animals chewing on the product or harm incurred while the product is not installed in the vehicle, fall outside the scope of this warranty.