About Us

IMG Automarket

For a long time, we struggled to find an online auto accessories shop that could guarantee product quality, affordability and offer a range of products to choose from. Well, it was not easy to find one. Deep research into the existing offerings in the market revealed a more worrying trend. We discovered that online accessory shops are profit-oriented rather than customer-centered. Their products were either too expensive for the customers or low quality for those that had low prices. It is from the experience and discovery that the idea of IMG Automarket was conceived.

IMG Automarket was created for a noble purpose, to offer customers a wide range of quality auto accessories with different price points to choose from. Our idea was to partner with well-established manufacturers with a common goal of addressing customers’ needs. Since its inception in 2017, IMG Automarket has grown from offering just about 10-20 different mats to currently distributing close to 250 different mat models in beige, black and gray colors. Today we are the official distributors for REZAW-PLAST in the USA.

We decided to stick to the old style that we found to be nostalgic and bearing that classic feel for car owners. Our mats are made of TPE rubber material  to ensure durability and eliminate any unwanted chemical-related smells. As a customer-oriented brand, quality customer service is at the center of our operations. For convenience, we offer a 1 business day shipping time to customers. Our expert technicians and well-versed with auto accessories do their best to check fitments before selling to customers. Also, we offer a free return to all our buyers so they fill comfortable and covered.

With consistent efforts, clear vision, and hard work, and a steered focus on our values, we are more-than-ever committed to giving the best to our customers. Our team has its eyes on the market for changes in trends, customer requirements, and designs to bring high-quality mats at competitive prices through our online shop.